For People Who Exercise and Like to Exercise With Others.

Win a WRBOS Shirt!
On December 31, 2014, the individual with the most miles for the entire year, in each of the four WRBOS categories, (Walk, Run, Bike and Swim) will win a WRBOS shirt. You can only win one shirt. If you are the top individual in more than one category you will win in the category you have the most miles.

The winners of the WRBOS shirt for 2013 are: Justine Lakin, Brian Lashway & Ed Lawrence
Welcome to Walk, Run, Bike or Swim, the site dedicated to exercising and helping people find noncompetitive exercise events in their area. The site is divided into four easy to use sections:
Event Search, Event Creation, Group Creation and Personal Tracker.

This is a free site for people who like to exercise and want to take advantage of the benefits gained by exercising with others.

You can also use this site to create and locate Aerobics, Boot Camp, Pilates, Yoga and Zumba events.

Our mission is to have events in every town so that no matter where you live or travel or what type of exercise you want to do, you will be able to find exercise events to suit your needs. We also encourage companies to sign up in the group section to promote exercise in the work place.

Use the Personal Tracker to enter your workouts and track your miles, minutes and calories. Visit the Rankings page to compare your data to other members' data in your state or across the country.

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