I created WRBOS to make it easy to find people with common exercise interests. Walkers, runners, bikers or swimmers can find and/or create group events so people can search a specific location for events in which they would like to participate. Just create an event with some of the required information and people will be able to join in and can e-mail you (optional) if they plan to attend. I hope you enjoy and the site and I look forward to your suggestions and feedback.

Cheers! Ed Lawrence

You can track all your exercising and keep a monitor of calories burned. Just enter some general information on the signup page (some information is required, some is optional) and you're ready to go. Each time you exercise, sign in and log your activity. You can compare your activity level to others in your state and around the country.

Events can be daily, weekly, monthly or even one time. Just enter the appropriate information on the easy to use page and your done.
Groups can be created to keep track of a select set of people. This is great for companies who promote exercising and give awards to the top exercisers.
Keep track on your miles on your personal page. Just enter the type of exercise and miles traveled and the system does the rest.
If you like exercising and understand the benefits of exercising with others then this is the perfect site.
Do you walk, run, bike or swim every Wednesday at 5:00 PM? Create an event and others in town may join you.
Do you travel, but still like to exercise? Just enter the zip code for your destination and find events in the area. If you don't find any then create one and people may join you.
Website for people who like to exercize with others
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