• Assistant Manager: A member other than a manager who has equivalent powers to the manager for a group.
  • Confidential: A level of information exposure, only viewable by members
  • Deactivated: A member account that no longer allows login but data, i.e. events and groups, remain in system
  • Disabled: An event that is no longer visible to any member, but is still in database
  • Event: A specific time, place, and type of athletic group exercise
  • Exertion levels: For grading events, workouts, groups: low, medium, high, extreme
  • Groupie: Members of a specific group
  • Guest: Viewers of the site who have not created an account, or a member who has not logged in but is viewing pages.
  • Location: A physical address for an event
  • Manager: The member who created or is in charge of a group
  • Member: A registered user with valid login
  • Organizer: Member who created or is in charge of an event.
  • Participant: Members who have signed up to attend an event.
  • Points: Weight watcher equivalent values
  • Private: A level of information exposure. Only viewable by selected members, i.e. members of a specific group, or event. [Note: a group may have a confidential name, but private list of who is within the group]
  • Public: A level of information exposure. Most relaxed, means viewable by guests
  • Ranking: An evaluation of member history, based on equations. [ i.e. Total miles run per last month or all time, etc] This is used to create a list of members in order of results.
  • Secret: a level of information exposure. Not viewable by guests, or random members. Only viewable by specific members. [Note: might be groupies can only view, or participants]
  • Type: Activity—walk, run, bike or swim
  • Workout: An exercise event that is specific to a single member, and is secret. For personal tracking.
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